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Please read our Requirements and Terms and Conditions before making a booking.


Down Under Cruise and Dive provides NO delivery or shipping services through its online services. All transactions are settled through the booking process, and all up-front charges are listed on the confirmation screen.


Reef Tour Transfers
Transfers are not included in the tour price for reef tours unless otherwise stated. Transfer fees are payable to the bus driver the morning of travel.
$12 for Cairns Transfers
$18 for Cairns Beaches Transfers
POA for Port Douglas Transfers

Cancellation Policy
All monies forfeited unless we are notified 48hrs prior to departure. Passengers voluntarily leaving the vessel or withdrawing from a course after day one, there will be no refund. Cancellation of an Open Water Dive Course is fully refundable up until the end of day one (excluding agent deposit if paid).
All Tours are subject to the effect of weather or unforeseen circumstances. All dives are weather permitting and Captains discretion. No refund for in-complete dives. Should a cruise not operate for any such reason passengers will be offered an alternative day or refund for days lost only.
GROUPS- (10 or more PAXs) All monies forfeited unless Down Under Dive reservations are notified 10 days before departure.
The operator reserves the right to cancel any tour, change vessel type or arrange an alternate carrier if the numbers in a group, or tour are insufficient.

In Interest of Customer Safety
On very rare occasions all cruise services or a single dive can be subject to the effect of weather or unforeseen circumstances. All in-water activities are weather permitting and at the Captain's discretion. Should a cruise not operate for any such reason, passengers will be offered an alternative day or refund for the day lost only.

Reef Tax and Administration Levy (Per Person)
Environmental Management Charge (EMC) of $5.00, Port Administration Fee of $5.00 and a Fuel Levy of $10.00 may be payable at check-in if not pre-paid.

Medical Form / Health Declaration (In the interest the customer's safety)
Each diver is required by Queensland Government regulations to complete a statutory medical declaration form before partaking in any in-water activities. It is also recommended that the diver does not fly within 24hrs of the last dive. Please be aware that snorkelling may be a strenuous activity, any existing medical conditions should be considered prior to snorkelling. Buoyancy vests are available on board the vessels.


On board you will be asked to fill out a "Snorkel/Diving Medical Declaration". This is done to ensure your safety and our professionalism in maintaining the highest safety standards and complying with Australian regulations. Some medical conditions may restrict your diving and snorkelling in Australia.

Please read carefully and if you need further confirmation do not hesitate to contact us.
Here are the questions that you will be asked in the format of a YES/NO answer:

Are you subject to any of the following conditions?

# Asthma or wheezing
# Brain, spinal cord or nervous disorder
# Chronic Bronchitis or persistent chest complaint
# Chronic sinus condition
# Collapsed Lung (pneumothorax)
# Diabetes mellitis (sugar diabetes)
# Chest Surgery
# Ear Surgery
# Epilepsy
# Fainting, seizures or blackouts
# Heart Disease of any kind
# Recurrent ear problems when flying
# Tuberculosis or other long term lung disease
# Breathlessness
# Chronic ear discharge or infection
# High/Low blood pressure
# Other illness or operation in the last month
# Perforated eardrum
# Are you currently taking any medication or drug (excluding oral contraception)
# Have you ingested any alcohol within the last 8 hours
# Are you pregnant
# Have you had a diving or snorkelling accident

Scuba Divers only:
Have you ever experienced any of the following injuries?
# Ear/sinus squeeze
# Decompression sickness
# Lung expansion injury
# Are you planning to fly within 24hrs after diving?
# Other

You will also be asked to rate your swimming/snorkelling or diving ability


Certified Divers
Certified divers must present an internationally recognised SCUBA certification card or log book showing 4 training dives
You must declare you are medically and physically fit to dive
A current dive medical may be required for divers over 65 years of age

Open Water Dive Course
You must be over 12 years of age and able to swim
Current dive medical in accordance with AS4005-1,
which we can arrange on day one of your course. Cost is $44 payable direct to the doctor

Referral Course
We accept all open water referrals course students to enable your 4 day training dives to be completed on the Great Barrier Reef

Advanced Dive Course
If open water certification was completed more than 5 years prior, a medical declaration must be completed

Extra Charges (Open Water Dive Students Only)
Dive medical $44

NOTE: All certified divers and learn to dive students please note that a history of asthma, ear and heart conditions and some other medical conditions may exclude you from scuba diving. It is advisable to discuss any existing medical conditions with Down Under Dive prior to embarkation. A medical form/declaration must be completed onboard prior to diving. In the interest of your safety we recommend you do not fly within 24 hours of the last dive.